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Brief Summary of Campus Interview Project for BHMS

Wanted RMOs

Kochhar Nursing Home is a Hospital headed by Dr. Santosh Kochhar, MD along with his excellent team which is always available. Situated in eastern part of Maharashtra, surrounded by Chhattisgarh and MP, it provides facilities like critical care, coronary care and the best possible medical treatment to Central India. The centre follows patient first philosophy and offers best available 24x7 care.

Facilities: We have state-of-the-art equipment for better outputs, which include:

  • CT Scan, Ultrasound / Sonography, X-Ray, Spirometry,
  • ICCU, ECG, TMT, ECHO, Color Doppler,
  • Speciality Poly Clinic and Telemedicine (To be launched soon).

Our background of Homoeopathy:

  • Dr. Bishan Das Kochhar (1888-1976), born in Nur Mahal, Punjab, was an engineering graduate who topped the Washington State University in 1914. Famous as Babuji, he was a philanthropic icon who practised free homoeopathy for five decades in Tumsar. His son Dr. Bal Swarup Kochhar (1922-2015) was also a Homoeopathic Practitioner of repute. Dr Santosh Kochhar is his youngest son.
  • Prof Dr. Saran Swarup Kochhar, who topped the West Bengal Council of Homoeopathy with a Gold Medal in 1970, now practising in Nagpur is the elder brother of Dr. Santosh Kochhar. Homoeopathic medicines are often used in the Kochhar Nursing Home, as and when required. There is a proposal to run monthly online Seminars for Homeopathic Practitioners under the banner of Dr. Bishan Das Kochhar Memorial Society.

The Resident Medical Officer Posts for BHMS:

  • There are multiple vacancies. The term shall be six-months, form 1st July to 31st December-2022
  • Any fresh BHMS Graduate holding a valid Registration for Medical Practice can apply.
  • The remuneration shall be Rs. 30,000 per month. Six monthly Certificate Courses shall be offered to the RMOS by KNH.
  • Free accommodation separate for Males and Females are available. Home-made Vegetarian Food Tiffin shall be available on self-payment.

Walk In Video Interview: